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Our goal at Growth and Early Learning is to give children an environment in which their curiosity is respected, and their creativity valued. Our hope is that during their time here, children will develop a lifelong love of learning.  We strive to make the transition from home to school as easy as possible. We offer lots of love and individual attention.

Our classrooms and outdoor playground are designed to be warm and inviting, and every item is chosen to encourage endless creativity and imagination and to develop fine motor skills.  We make sure to chose open-ended toys that leave plenty of room for a child’s input. Open-ended toys are often described as 10% toys and 90% child! Ten children could be given the same toy and all ten of them would find different ways to play with it on different occasions based on their interests, developmental stage, natural abilities, and imagination.

Each class offers a small teacher-to-student ratio and all staff is loving and trained on the needs of each particular age group. The program runs four days a week (Monday-Thursday) from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. We will follow the Franklin Square public-school schedule meaning when the public school is closed so is Growth and Early Learning. The first day of school is September 12, 2022, and the last day will be June 16, 2023.

The children are provided with a healthy organic snack daily.  When weather permits, children play in our outside playground.

Our top priority is to keep your children safe and healthy!

To ascertain that goal, health policies are strictly enforced. We have enhanced our cleaning and disinfecting procedures to follow CDC standards and have implemented the following enhancements and procedures:

  • Large air purifiers are in each classroom.
  • Only staff, children, and authorized personnel can enter the building.
  • We take, record, and track the temperature of every staff member and child.
  • The staff will wear masks or face shields.
  • Teachers clean and disinfect each room daily.
  • Our janitorial service uses a hospital-grade disinfectant.

PLEASE NOTE that we are a peanut/ tree nut-free facility and we take food allergies very seriously.

Two-Year Old Program

Preschool is the first school experience for our two-year-olds. A special effort is made to help our youngest students transition from home to school. Our teachers provide guidance and support to ensure the children feel safe and loved in their new environment.

The preschool years are tremendous in terms of growth, both physically and mentally. The children are taught new social skills and are exposed to many new concepts. Each day they participate in a wide variety of developmentally appropriate discovery and play-based activities.

Three-Year Old Program

Our three-year-olds will enjoy developing gross and fine motor skills through specific planned activities. Social skills develop as they interact with other children in the class. They also will begin to develop a love for reading and language through daily stories, and songs. Crafts, activities, and playing in our creatively designed centers will also encourage their mental development and problem-solving skills.

Four-Year Old Program

Our four-year-old children are in their peak years for acquiring new skills and knowledge: 90% of a child’s brain develops by the age of five. Experiences during this time shape attitudes, aptitudes, and achievements for years to come. An effective preschool learning program offers both short-term and long-term cognitive, social, and emotional benefits for your child, such as better preparation for and performance in school and higher educational achievement. A well-designed preschool curriculum lays the foundation for success in learning and life.

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